My Favorite Things


This month I decided to do something a little different – the top 10 things I can’t live without.  While I like to discover new unique items each month, I always come back to my old favorites.  I’ve included some of my favorite clothes, accessories, and personal care items.

I start my day by washing my face with Purity face wash by Philosophy.  I’ve been using this face wash for almost 10 years.  The fresh scent helps me feel awake in the morning and it does take off make up at night.  I’ve never found a face wash that leaves my skin feeling cleaner than Purity.

Turkish towels seem like the opposite of what someone would want out of a towel.  Before converting, I would have thought that plush, pillowy terry cloth made a good towel.  The thin fabric is actually wonderful, because it dries so fast.  I love that my bathroom doesn’t smell mildewy.  These are also great for wrapping up hair because the fabric doesn’t have the weight of a traditional towel.

Another key part to my morning routine?  My Nespresso machine.  Basically anyone who has met me knows how much I love this thing.  It is the easiest way to make an espresso at home, and the quality is great.  Best of all, Nespresso recycles the capsules for free.

I’ve had a Kanken backpack for years, reviewing my first was one of my earliest blog posts!

I could say a lot about all of these items, but for the sake of my time and yours I’ll leave it at the list.

Weekly Newsletter


Spring is finally here after another long winter (doesn’t winter feel longer every year?).  I feel like a different person when the sun is out.  This week, I’ve felt very inspired by spring – the colors, the produce, the weather, etc.

Thank you to everyone who read last week’s newsletter; I can’t say how much I appreciate all the feedback and support.  Please continue to send feedback, and if you think someone would enjoy the content, please pass it along

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Weekly Recap 3.19.17

Newsletter No. 001 

First I have to thank everyone who signed up for the Newsletter.  I appreciate all the support and feedback. So far the newsletter is designed to be a little recap of my week focusing on three topics: things I bought or want to buy (which will mostly fall under the umbrellas of beauty, food, and home goods), media I’m consuming (anything from news articles, tv shows, podcasts, books, etc.) and the best thing I ate all week – either my experience with a recipe or a restaurant.  If you know someone who might enjoy the content please send them here to sign up.  Thanks again!

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Weekly Recap – March 4, 2017


what I wanted

I’ve read so many glowing reviews of Glossier products that I finally had to try some myself. I opted to try out two of the brand’s most popular make up items first: Generation G lip color and Boy Brow. So far I’m pretty impressed. I love the lip color, I ordered Cake and I love how natural the color looks and the soft formula. Boy brow so far seems very similar to Mac Brow Gel. I like the small tube because it’s great to throw in a bag. I would buy both products again but I think they should be at a lower price point considering the amount of product. Glossier did throw in some swag with my purchase – a sheet of stickers, a plastic bubble envelop make up bag, and a poster.

Various Keytags

I keep seeing these everywhere. I’m in love with the minimally designed, sassy key tags. The simple look of the key tag keeps the focus on the humor.  If you just glanced you wouldn’t notice the words on the key tags but the words are what make it so clever.  I’m probably going to order this one

Various Projects can also make custom key tags and I’ve seen some pretty great ones on Instagram.  I also appreciate that the e-commerce platform that is Apple Pay friendly.  Apple Pay is so easy to use that it makes me instantly more willing to buy something.


entertaining things

Big Little Lies on HBO 

I’m sure the book is better, I haven’t read it yet, but I’m absolutely addicted to the TV series Big Little Lies.  The A-List cast delivers episode after episode.  There’s mystery, glamour, petty drama, beautiful sweeping views of Monterey Bay and all set to melodic, beautiful music – everything I want in a TV show.   It’s HBO’s classy, socially acceptable version of Real Housewives.  Read more about Big Little Lies in this great piece on the show from The New Yorker.

Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller 

This podcast offers great inspiration on turning a passion into a paycheck and practical advice for dreamers from people who are making a living doing a creative job. The author is a singer/songwriter who discovered she could make a living of music if she focused on licensing her music instead of pursuing a record deal.  Even listeners who aren’t interested in quitting their 9-to-5 will appreciate the interesting stories in each episode.


what’s cooking

Swedish Mazariner 

I’ve been interesting in baking something with frangipane (almond pastry cream) for a long time and this week the stars finally aligned.  Earlier in the week I stumbled upon this recipe for Mazariner and on Saturday I ate a blueberry frangipane tart from my favorite coffee shop, The White Rabbit Café in Greensburg.  I used the recipe but instead of making mini tarts I just made a full-sized tart.  I loved this recipe for the wonderful flavor – the frangipane has a perfectly balanced amount of almond – you can taste it but it was not overwhelming.I loved the cardamom in the crust and the orange in the glaze. The texture of the frangipane was very nice – sort of a creamy spongey and very moist. Mine baked kind of unevenly but I’m almost sure it’s because of my oven temperature was off or uneven. If I did it again I would add orange zest to the glaze, add cherries to the frangipane and top the tart with sliced almonds.  The tart paired perfectly with an almond milk cappuccino.


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