Review: Marvis Toothpaste


When I first heard of Marvis toothpaste I was pretty intrigued.  This stuff costs somewhere North of $10 a tube and it’s just toothpaste,  what could possibly make a toothpaste so expensive?  The packaging is beautiful and hip, the flavors are unique, and it’s Italian.  I can’t remember the first time I heard of the decadent dental product.  It might have been from watching Queer Eye re-runs on Netflix.  It might have been a blog somewhere.  Doesn’t matter.  But this stuff is like a unicorn, you can’t find it ANYWHERE. Like everything else I do, I researched.  The stuff comes in seven flavors: Cinnamint, Aquatic Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmin Mint, Classic Mint, Whitening Mint, and Amarelli Licorice. Marvis Toothpaste has been around for over 50 years and was originally intended to clean the teeth of smokers.  The packaging is so beautiful and is reminiscent of a time when things were made better, when quality was king. Reviews I read claimed that the toothpaste leaves the mouth feeling clean all day, has a great flavor, and does all the other great stuff toothpaste does, only it does them better.  The review that really sold me said, “This it the greatest toothpaste ever. It is like you just went to to the mouth store and purchased a new mouth.” I finally bit the bullet and ordered a tube, playing it safe with Classic Strong Mint (off Amazon, of all places), but you can get it from C.O. Bigelow Apothecaries online.

The toothpaste arrived quickly, because for some reason I still have an Amazon Prime membership.  It was time for the maiden voyage.  My first impression was that I liked the texture, it seemed to have a lot of body to it.  I must say, I think it’s incredibly commendable that Marvis took something mundane and made it pretty extraordinary and luxurious.  The mint flavor was sweet and rich and strong but not overpowering. It lathered up quickly and easily.  My teeth felt very clean and smooth and my whole mouth was refreshed.  Damn.  It was awesome.

I don’t know if I’ll make the permanent switch to Marvis because it’s so expensive, but I do want to try each flavor.  This stuff is seriously awesome, but no amount of awesomeness could justify spending over $10 on a 4oz tube of toothpaste.


2 Replies to “Review: Marvis Toothpaste”

  1. I was the same. I wanted to try it but it’s so expensive. I was in Italy during the summer and I was amazed!!! It only costs €2 a tub which is around $2.50. I bought 2, ginger mint and strong mint. Best ever. I’m going back this summer and gonna try the other flavours.


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